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Original Title: Strange Angel
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: CBS All Access
Creators: Mark Heyman
Language: English
Description: Almost all famous people had any weird or had an unusual hobby. It is triggered not by the desire to stand out from the gray mass, but rather a diversity of thinking and a constant desire to learn something new and amazing. One of the clearest examples of this versatile passion is Jack Parsons, the brilliant engineer, talented chemist and occultist who regularly participated in black masses and strange rituals. The peak of the fame of this remarkable man occurred at the beginning of the last century, and the whole life of Parsons recalls launched from the Ground with a rocket, which, by the way, he made an invaluable contribution. Jack has always shown a remarkable ability to exact Sciences, but was forced to leave College to support parents. In the mid 30-ies of the last century, Los Angeles is located in the economic grip of the great Depression, many residents were left without work. The world is experiencing a tense political situation, which hints at a time of global change. Parsons care about everything, but he takes the humble position of janitor at a chemical factory, and in the evening with a friend trying to launch into the night sky a homemade rocket, each time upsetting another failure. Given the enthusiasm for fiction, the boy always wanted to build a rocket capable of leaving earth's atmosphere. Jack not long worked as a janitor and thanks to his talent, determination and adventurous nature soon became part of the research team involved in the development of systems of takeoff of rocket-powered. By the way, Parsons has managed to create the first in the history of mankind engine on volatile liquid fuels. However, the scientist needed something else. He became interested in the ideas of Marxism, but access them quickly cooled. One day, Jack had witnessed a strange ritual, and it led him to join the teleconference Aleister Crowley, who actively practiced black magic, and sincerely believed in the coming of Satan. Parsons quickly took the post of head of the Lodge, where he was together with his wife, but the passion for the occult Sciences cost him his career Jack was fired from the lab after a huge scandal connected with the activities of Thelema Crowley. A talented scientist died in 1952 in a powerful blast in his home laboratory. Many believe that the tragedy was no accident and was well planned political assassination.

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