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Original Title: Stargate SG-1
Channel: Showtime,Syfy
Creators: Jonathan Glassner,Brad Wright
Language: English
Description: The secrets of the ancient excite the minds of modern man. It is believed that before there was a highly developed man-made civilization on Earth, which possessed the secrets of interstellar travel. It's a beautiful legend with no scientific basis. However, if you watch the series "Stargate: SG-1" in good quality, you can make sure that any, even the most incredible hypotheses can become a reality. In the early 20th century, a group of archaeologists conducting research made an unexpected discovery. Scientists have discovered a mysterious stone circle, dotted with unusual symbols. Representatives of the American special services who connected Professor Jackson – the leading expert Egyptologist to inspection of unusual object became interested in a find. A world-renowned scientist has to admit that the hieroglyphs of the stone circle indicate something important for the inhabitants of Egypt, but such inscriptions are no longer found in the pyramids. Jackson suggested that these signs are of extraterrestrial origin. Hence the conclusion that the pyramids were built by aliens, who left a portal for an instant transition. Having come to this conclusion, all the myths about ancient deities suddenly found confirmation in the eyes of the scientist. Jackson decides to test his theory and use the portal. The representative of the American government, Colonel O'neill agrees to participate in a risky experiment with the legacy of an ancient civilization. The series Stargate SG-1 shows how researchers found a way to activate the portal and disappeared from The earth's surface. After the transition, the scientist and the military were in an unusual place that has nothing to do with the desert climate of Egypt. Jackson understands that the ancients have created a system of interstellar transition, which is scattered in all corners of the inhabited universe. A fascinating journey through the portals of the Stargate gradually opens men's eyes to the real situation. In space, there are a large number of intelligent races, some representatives of which are very aggressive. The civilization of Gualdo a long time looking for portals to launch a massive invasion on other habitable planets, including Earth. O'neill and Professor Jackson are obliged to preserve the legacy of the ancients from the encroachments of bloodthirsty aliens. Jackson finds one of the planets and the documents confirming the existence of the forerunners, and partially revealing their plans. This should help in the coming battle, but the price of knowledge is too high.

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