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Original Title: Star Trek: Voyager
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: UPN
Creators: Michael Piller,Jeri Taylor,Rick Berman,Gene Roddenberry
Language: English
Description: Almost a hundred years ago, there was a terrible environmental disaster on earth. During a large-scale nuclear war, the entire population of the Earth died, and the planet itself turned into a scorched desert. Only a small part of the population survived. The survivors were people at this moment, on several dozens of space stations. Eventually they joined in a huge dance the Arch and over several generations led their existence in earth orbit.after quite a long time, the flora and fauna of the earth began to recover, and realizing that the resources of the station and the very existence of people under threat, the government decides to conduct a scientific experiment. It was decided to send to earth a hundred teenagers who are in prison station. Each of them is a criminal who committed crimes of varying severity, but now they have a second chance, they can gain freedom and become the saviors of the remnants of humanity. Landed on the ground teenagers fascinated by the beauty of the Earth, and decide to explore the neighborhood, but soon in the ranks of the guys begin disagreements and they are divided into two camps. One want to report that the Earth is suitable for dwelling, others destroy the bracelets transmitting a signal to station, and want to live on the Earth without other people. But the Earth itself is fraught with many mysteries, and soon they learn that they are not the only intelligent inhabitants of the Earth.

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