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England of the tenth century is the time and place when he lived and performed the exploits of noble knight named Ivanhoe, the Royal favorite and a squire. Once enemies drove him from the paternal home, and he had to wander a lot around the world. However, the time has come to return Home. When a country is in danger, justice must be done, and scoundrels must be punished. The image of Ivanhoe-collective, eventually became a household name. In it you can find selfless love and devotion to the Motherland, and the search for love and a soul mate. Beautiful and in love with lady Rowenna knight returned when his patron king Richard the Lionheart was in danger: his power was overthrown, and the throne perched Prince front of the audience – one of the best incarnations on the screen of the immortal novel by Walter Scott. This is not only a story about the selfless struggle for justice and the throne of king Richard. these are tales of love, loyalty, dedication and sacrifice, inhuman fatal passion and cruel medieval customs, a sense of duty and bloody battles. The film is very high quality, shot in detail and realistic.