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Original Title: Frank Herbert's Dune
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Syfy
Creators: John Harrison
Language: English
Description: In the distant future, humanity has gone beyond the Solar system and beginning to actively explore space, making them habitable. The variety of star systems required centralized government, so the government in various sectors of the galaxy have United to the Empire, of electing a single ruler. The power on planets and systems belongs to the feudal clans: the Emperor performs only General management. The population of various planets reached the pinnacle of technological progress, but a multi-billion population in the truest sense depends on the unremarkable world of Arrakis, which is called simply Dune. Dune is sparsely populated planet, most of which is covered with sand dunes. There are no towns and luxurious resorts, the Dunes climate is severe and unfit for normal living. However, it is in the depths of the barren Arrakis spice is mined – a unique mineral, which depends on the existence of the Empire. Spice is able to break the space-time continuum, providing an almost instantaneous move of the inhabited galaxy. If the extraction of spice would stop, trade would be threatened. Dune is ruled by the Harkonnen clan that adheres to a fundamentally cruel policy. The problems on the planet starts from the moment when the Emperor Corrino comes the idea to change the ruling elite on the Dune. Power is transmitted to the Atreides clan, who are implacable enemies of the deposed government. Harkonnen not going to put up with this state of Affairs, so using the tacit approval of the Emperor and the galactic Guild begin to systematically destroy old enemies. A coup happens, which Atreides almost cease to exist. To escape from the clutches of the usurpers is possible only Jessica, who was the concubine of the Duke, and were able to rescue the son of his master, to the Floor. She is hiding among the people of Freeman, independent Wanderers of the desert. Nomads recognize the last of the Atreides new Messiah spoken of in an ancient prophecy. Harkonnen trying to destroy the Fremen, but suddenly get organized response. The power of tyranny finally overthrown, and Paul Atreides declares himself Emperor and moves the capital of the intergalactic Union, in fact, oppose the ruling party. To strengthen the position, he needs a marriage with the representative of the Imperial dynasty, such a candidacy will soon appear.

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