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Original Title: Dollhouse
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: FOX
Creators: Joss Whedon
Language: English
Description: The overarching story of Dollhouse follows the figure Echo, a Doll in Doll House, an organization that specializes in programmable people for rent. These dolls can be ordered by clients for all sorts of jobs, from sex to illegal orders.    Just as their "colleagues" Sierra and Victor Echo exists only as childish figure, much like a blank sheet of paper until it strikes up a programmer a personality. This personality come memories and skills that make them a completely different person than before.    The volunteers have joined Dollhouse, as it will get for a working life of 5 years, a huge sum of money in return and at the same time helping them to solve how any problem in her old life.    However, Echo starts to be unique to emerge: it is possible even after deletion of the personality, to remember small parts of their previous identities. As they accumulate more and more memories, a personality in Echo begins to develop that does not meet their original identity, Caroline Farrell.    Accompanied by the development echoes but is also the risk that their uniqueness is discovered, and it is sent "in the Attic" where "broken dolls" be repaired ... At the same echo development also brings the attention of the Runaway subjects Alpha. Whose personality development has given him an enormous intellectual advantage and turned him into a serial killer.    characters    Echo (Eliza Dushku): It is an active and the main character of the series. As the most popular of the assets it has shown in the course of their engagement capabilities that exceed their limits and parameters clear. Before her memory was erased, Echo was a college student and political activist named Caroline Farrell. By chance, she discovered the illegal activities of the Rossum Corporation. Fleeing her friend is killed and she herself opposes the recruitment for dollhouse as long until they did finally captured. In the course of the series Echo erlang always go back to their previous memories and identity. Finally, she teams up with other rebellious parts of the Corporation and opposes Rossum.    Boyd Langton (Harry Lennix): As a former cop, he is assigned to the supervision of echo. Though he has doubts about the moral integrity of Dollhouse, he keeps it for himself. Later, he was appointed chief of the security department. As the Dollhouse finally out of control and break the organization, he falls into strong self-doubt and blames himself for not already intervened earlier to have. In the end, he developed the technology that can make the memory undelete.    Paul Bellard (Tahmoh Penikett): At the beginning of the series Ballard is the case Dollhouse assigned FBI agent. to be during a large part of the office sees his case as a joke, he begins more and more of the case Echo / Caroline possessed. When Echo is left on the road, he finds them and hides them for three months. While she feels more and more attracted to him, he resists this impulse.    Victor (Enver Gjokaj): When active it is Ballard's informant in the Russian mob until he is revealed as a Doll. Regularly Victor is also borrowed from Adelle DeWitt as a sexual toy - she seems to love him sincerely. Prior to joining the Dollhouse Victor was a veteran of the Afghanistan war.    Sierra (Dichen Lachman): It is the latest in Active Dollhouse and was against their will part of the organization. A powerful man she had rejected again and again can wipe their memory and makes them his toys - and gives them time and again to other sexual prospects.    Adelle DeWitt (Olivia Williams):    Additional information:    Eliza Dushku and Joss Whedon had the idea for Dollhouse over lunch.    Originally Joss Whedon had created the series for a period of 5 years. These include storylines that run over several seasons, plot elements that are resolved only after several years and character developments. For this purpose it should not come, because Dollhouse was appointed only for seasons.    For the period of the last 20 years there have been no series that has ever had lower rates, and was extended still a dollhouse.

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